The Way of the River is a collection of memoirs
and autobiographical stories that reflect Randy
Kadish’s long journey of fly fishing and spiritual
recovery. The journey, often difficult, often
gratifying, began when he finally admitted to
himself that he couldn’t communicate, and that his
life had become unmanageable. Then, after he
asked for help, he looked back into his life and
relived the deep pain and loss that began during
his very traumatic childhood. To soothe himself
with the beauty of the outdoors, he turned to
fishing. As he struggled to come to terms with his
past, and then with the loss of his parents, he
wrote about his journey of recovery, especially of
how he was made better by many of the people he
met along the way, like Carlos, a friendly immigrant
and skilled bait fisherman who seemingly
appeared out of nowhere and
then helped Randy
see people in a more sympathetic light.

Soon Randy's memoirs appeared in many
publications including,
The FlyFisher, FlyFishing &
Tying Journal
, and Yale Anglers’ Journal.

Finally, after an unexpected crisis, he found a
surprising way to forgive and to connect to the
good in the world.

The fishing in this collection takes place in and
near New York City, including the East and Hudson
Rivers, the streams of Westchester, and the lakes
of Central and Prospect Parks.

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"Overall, I definately enjoyed reading this book. ... I hardly put it down once
I started reading."
- David Knapp, The Trout Zone blog

"A fishing book worth reading on all levels. ... I wish I had more like these on
my bookshelf."
-Tradd Duggan,
Fly Fish Addiction Blog

"Some wintertime reading anglers might enjoy ... I liked this one."
-John Pitarressi,
Utica Observer Dispatch

"It resonated for me though I never cast a fly my entire life."
Al's books and Pals Book Blog

"The courage you have shown to share your story will inspire others to
know that they are not alone."
-MaryAnn Koopman,
The Spiritual Review Blogspot.

"Kadish shares his emotional growth through disappointments and anger
and depression to a level of inner healing within his retelling of fishing
stories in the urban/natural settings of his New York City. I vigorously
recommend The Way of the River as a peaceful meditation that will enrich
any reader."
-Kathy Kempa, Amazon Reviewer
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The Way of the River My Journey of Fishing, Forgiveness and Spiritual Recovery - Randy Kadish
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