With so many articles and books on
casting, why did I launch this web site?
Simple: I believe my casting articles are

Why? Let me back up a bit.

Like most anglers I wanted to cast farther, with less effort, so I read up on
casting - books by Joan Wulff, Ed Jaworoski, Lefty Kreh - and I watched
videos of great casters - Steve Rajeff, Mel Krieger - and I learned a lot, but
not enough to fly cast farther than seventy-feet.

I thought, I just need practice. I got a lot of it, whether I fished or I cast on a
lawn. But practice didn't take my casting very far. Discouraged, thinking I
was at a dead-end, I finally thought, I need to experiment with
my own
casting techniques. I did, year after year. But with every casting discovery I
made, a new casting symptom, like wide loops, came out of hiding. Even
worse, I soon learned each symptom could be caused by several casting

I thought, I need further diagnosis. So I read even more books and then
posted casting questions on Internet bulletin boards. Rarely, however, I got
the answers I needed. More and more, I wished I had a casting coach who
could spare me so much frustration and disappointment, but not having a
coach turned out to be a blessing in disguise: It forced me to face one
casting symptom after another and, like an obsessed scientist, to find their
causes and cures.

Symptoms, therefore, became learning opportunities

And so my articles are really journals of my casting trials and tribulations.
Do the journals answer every casting question?


Do they describe the only ways to cast?


In the end, I believe each caster is different and should learn from many
sources and then experiment on his or her own.

Finally, I ask the question: Is casting about more than reaching longer
distances? Or to put it another way: Is there a spiritual side to casting?

I've explored these questions in my novel,
The Fly Caster Who Tried to
Make Peace with the World,
and in my memoirs, "Fly Casting With the Man
of La Mancha" and "A Reason To Fish."

My exploration, however, has certainly been a personal journey, the way, I
guess, it should be; so as with everything on this site: Take what you like
and leave the rest.

As for myself, I'm a native New Yorker and an outdoor writer whose work
has appeared in many publications, including Flyfisher, Flyfishing & Tying
Journal and Yale Anglers' Journal. I'm a member of the Outdoor Writers
Association of America, and the New York Outdoor Writers Association.