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With so many articles and books about casting why did I write this
short book? Part of the answer is that I never set out to write a
book or even an article. Instead, I set out to become a better fly,
surf, spin and spey caster. To do so, I always took my first step by
studying casting techniques. Why did I do this? Because relatively
late in life I came to believe in the power of technique; so when I
became interested in fly casting, for example, I immersed myself in
articles, books and videos, but surprisingly I still couldn’t cast more
than seventy-feet. Frustrated, I experimented with fly casting on my
own, but with every casting discovery I made, a new casting symptom,
like hitting myself with the fly, came out of hiding.

More and more I wished I had a casting coach, but not having a coach
forced me to experiment on my own, and to find and understand the
causes of my casting defects. And while I did, I took notes, notes that
soon became a sort of casting journal, and then became articles that
were published in many magazines. Does my journal answer every
casting question or describe the only ways to cast? No. In
the end, I believe all casters are different and should learn from many
sources, but I also believe the techniques in this book will help you cast farther and with less effort.

The chapters in this book are: The Power of Casting Technique, The Fundamentals of All Casts, Long Distance Fly
Casting Techniques, The Double Haul, A Modern, Spey-Like Approach to Long Distance Surf Casting, Long Distance
Spin (and Bait) Casting, Getting Started with Spey Casting, Getting Started with Scandinavian Casting, and Fly
Casting with the Man of La Mancha.

Earlier versions of these chapters have appeared in many magazines, including:
Canadian Sportfishing, Fishing and
Hunting News, The Fisherman, On the Water, Gaff, and Mid-Atlantic Fishing Guide.


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