Making peace with the world, sooner or later most
of us have to.

For Ian Mac Bride his way begins almost acciden-
tally when, in 1909, he watches a fly-casting tour-
nament in New York's Central Park, and begins to
dream of becoming a great fly caster.

But soon Ian experiences personal tragedy, and
then is appalled by the unexpected slaughter of
World War I.

He retreats into the world of fly fishing and fly cast-
ing, and meets unforgettable anglers like: Doc, a
Civil War veteran, who tells how, after he enlisted
in return for drinking money, he was unexpectedly
changed by the horror of war; Izzy, a mysterious
immigrant, who, in his way, teaches Ian perhaps the most important lesson of
long-distance fly casting; and George M. L. La Branche who, though torn by
self-doubt, writes the book that revolutionizes fly fishing.

And so, these anglers help change Ian's hopes and values. Though his father
questions his courage, Ian decides to become a teacher instead of a lawyer, and
moves near the beautiful Beaverkill River, the birthplace of fly fishing in America.

But tragedy still follows him.

Torn by grief, he curses the world and loses faith in it - until, almost by accident, he
finds a way to come to terms.

How? The answer will surprise you.

"The novel is well-written, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it." -
John Pitarresi, The Observer- Dispatch

"An engaging tale of a young man coming to age" - Lee

"A compelling novel that describes one fly caster's search for personal peace." - Bill
AuCoin, the Aucoin Report

"Great book Mr. Kadish!" - Bill Anderson, Trout Waders.

"It was impossible to put down. ... A great read." - David Knapp, The Trout Zone.

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The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace with the World:

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