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A novel of loss and hope, and of the history of fly fishing and fly casting in America. Certainly not a light, fiy fishing read.

Making peace with the
world, sooner or later
most of us have to.
For Ian Mac Bride ...

more about The Fly Caster
Who Tried to Make Peace
With the World
What the fly casting books and videos didn't teach me I had to learn through 4 years of trial and error. So often I wanted to give up.
Fly cast farther with less effort and without hitting yourself with the fly
Fly casting techniques applied to spin casting
The double haul made easy
Use the power grip and a longer casting stroke  to cast into the wind
Yes, some of the early fly casting tournaments in America took place in Central Park.
Comments, especially constructive feedback, always welcome.
A story about alcoholism and a very special fly casting tournament
Pursuing the
techniques and
spirituality of an
ideal cast ...
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"I simply enjoyed the heck out
of  it." -  Eric Peper, coauthor of
Fly Fishing the Beaverkill

"A maverick and memorable
book - I enjoyed reading it very
much." - Nick Lyons, author of
Full Creel
A memoir about fly casting my way to a higher power.
Do fly fishing and war mix? Well, maybe ...
Coming to terms with the loss of a parent is never easy. Thankfully fising ...
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